miércoles, junio 3, 2020

Moors and Christians of Aielo de Malferit

The village of Aielo de Malferit, from August 5 to 8, is crumbling and the music, light and smell of gunpowder invade everything. Although a few days before, it is possible to breathe a festive atmosphere with acts such as the Alardo, the night of the paellas, theater, exhibitions, singing of fans and heifers in the street, the celebrations begin the day 5 at 1p.m, with The Music Band Entrance and in the afternoon the great event: the Moors and Christians Entrance in which all the festers and festeres, dressed in beautiful costumes, move along the streets to the beat of drums and clarinets.

On Sunday, the events will begin at 7am with the awakening, an act in which the wind blows will become a headache for the resentful. Subsequently, the Moor and Christian sides will pick up their respective captains at 08.15 to start the Diana de Gala. Afterwards, the festive ones will be able to rest until the 12, at which time the mass will be celebrated in honor to the Holy Christ of the Poverty. After the ceremony there will be a large mascletà. At 19:45, the captains will go to the Castell de Festes and then proceed to Plaça de la Font, where the procession will begin in honor of the Christ. After midnight, the Moor retreat will take place, which will fill the streets with humor and good atmosphere. At one o’clock in the morning, the Moorish side will take over the castle, beginning the symbolic battle between Moors and Christians that will conclude with the reconquest by the Christian side, on Monday. 



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