viernes, junio 5, 2020

Moors and Christians of Vila Joiosa

The origins of the festivity are in the miracle that took place in July 1538, when the Berber pirate Zallé Arraez attempted to invade the town and an impressive storm discharged over the region overflowing the Amadorio River and destroying the Saracen fleet that was in its mouth, prodigy that was attributed to Saint Marta, reason why it was named patron of the population.

A century later, when the region suffered a great drought, the so-called Miracle of Tears of Saint Marta took place: on May 8, 1653, while a mass was celebrated, the image of the saint began to shed tears at the right moment in which Felipe IV signed a document authorizing the construction of the reservoir of ‘Relleu‘. In 1753, on the occasion of the centenary of the miracle, the municipal authorities agreed to celebrate several festivities with the Moors and Christians festivity of La Vila Joiosa.

The official entrance of the bands of music on the first day of the festivities, the spectacular parades, Moors and christians, as well as the embassies, the reconquest of the castle, the solemn procession of Saint Marta or the pyromusical fireworks castle that shoots from the ‘Playa Centro‘, are some of the highlights of the festivity.

However, the summit is the Moor Landing that takes place in the early hours of July 28 and consists of a naval battle between the Moors and Christians boats, after which the Moors throw themselves into the water and swim to the shore for the conquest of the castle, while listening to the music and the ceaseless shots of the ‘trabucos‘.