viernes, junio 5, 2020

Moors and Christians of San Blas 2017

The festivities of Moors and Christians of San Blas await you in Alicante. This colorful feast celebrated in many places of the Valencian Community and commemorates the Christian reconquest of the lands that for centuries were under the dominion of the Muslims is undoubtedly one of the most ingrained of Spain. Its origin has religious roots, although at the moment, its character is mainly ludic.9

Its historical character as well as the spectacularity of the ornate costumes of its “festeros” make of this festivity something unique and spectacular. During the celebration of the same you can witness parades and processions represented by two sides (the Moors and Christians) in which the theatricality of the parades, music and fireworks have the main protagonism.

Their festivities are open, arranged for anyone to visit, enjoy and fall in love with them. That’s why they invite you to become part of it and know their music, gastronomy and their great San Blas neighborhood.

On July 15 and 16, 2017, between 19.30 and 23 hours, you will vibrate in the great historical recreation of the entrances of the Christian and Moor armies. You will be enthused by the colorful and authenticity of the costumes and the great musical and expressive force.
And on July 17, at 11 and 20 hours, representation of the reconquest with staging of the embassies and battle of arquebus between both sides.