miércoles, junio 3, 2020

Medieval Market of Castellón

The event will be located in the heart of the city (Calle Mayor, Calle Caballeros, Plaza Las Aulas and Plaza María Agustina) and will be made up of craft stalls and demonstrations of crafts from the Middle Ages, gastronomic zone with medieval taverns, artisan pizzas in an firewood oven, tea shop and Arab restaurant, sweets and cakes from Aragon, rich craft beer, cultural leisure exhibitions such as tortures, armory, espartero, stonemason, cabinetmaker and endless activities. It will take place from 6th to 10th of December.

More than 120 free shows make up the program of activities of the event among which include: itinerant shows with live musicians and lomg-leggeds, minstrels, troubadours, fools…

Medieval circus shows with visuals at high altitudes and comedy among others, participation of Historical Recreation Associations with hundreds of reenactors, puppet theater, children’s corner with activities and competitions for the little ones, macro soldiers camp with combat exhibitions, reading of vintage parchments, appointment of ladies and gentlemen of the court and a lot of surprises!