miércoles, febrero 19, 2020

“Mar i Jazz” festival in the Cabanyal neighborhood

After a first edition concluded with an excellent reception by both the musicians and the public (1 day, 1 stage, 6 groups, influx of about 4,000 people), the Mar i Jazz festival returns to Valencia. And it does it in the same enclosure of last year, the Park Dr. Lluch, in the Cabanyal, this time with all its strength and its amplified magic: three days, two stages, thirty groups.

A small town with workshops and games for the kids. A showcase with all the essence of Jazzomingo (the jam of every Sunday in “The 27 Amigos“), place where the idea of ​​this festival germinates and whose base compose the group Jazzomingo Quintet, that will act on Sunday. For the Jazzomingo, there have been prestigious musicians such as Jesús Santandreu, Albert Sanz, Toni Belenguer and F. Blanco “Latino”, who will be part of the poster and will share the stage with the new generations of the Valencian jazz scene.
The female presence will be another very important factor of the festival, this year we will count on projects formed entirely by women and projects in which the woman plays an important role, such as the Trio of Kontxi Lorente, Sónnica Yepes and Matt Baker, who will pay homage To the figure of the woman in jazz.

A meeting characterized by the quality of the artists and the environment in which it takes place, a park of more than 12,000 m2, a few meters from the beach, with all the comforts to not have to leave the premises and to spend hours and hours enjoying jazz “a la fresca“.
Also in this 2nd edition, taking into account the number of children who came with their parents last year, which we love, we have dedicated part of the festival and there will be performances focused on the younger and more spontaneous audience that we could have. We have even created a children’s village (Kinderland) with different workshops, where you can have fun with the activities and games designed for them.

The entrance is totally free, premise of the festival since it began to develop. So, in order to be able to finance it, we have our sponsors and collaborators, whom we are very grateful for, including Cervezas Alhambra, Caixa Popular, Valencia City Hall, Acipmar, the Valencià Culture and Sedajazz Institut.
And of course, the festival will feature another of the big complaints last year, a wide and varied range of traditional food and drink stalls, to enjoy the festival with the five senses.