viernes, junio 5, 2020

Malva-Rosa will host the XX International Wind Festival

The President of the Municipal Sports Foundation and Sports Regent, Maite Giráis, has presented the festival edition together with Jose Royo, representing the Association El Catxirulo.

There are already 20 editions of this International Wind Festival “Ciutat de Valencia”, which will fill the sky of La Malva-rosa beach with kites for two days, in which there is a huge participation of pilots, together with numerous visitors, both Valencians and tourists, who enjoy it as well. The total amount will be more than 150 pilots from all over Europe, and more than 75 exhibitions (individual and in teams).

This XX edition will include activities such as exhibitions of four-wire kites, wind gardens, flight teams, and workshops for the kids.

Those interested in participating in the building contest and want the traditional Valencian kite, can formalize their registration sending an email to until Friday, April 21, or they can to the area of ​​the Festival itself on Saturday 22 until 14.00 hours.



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