Lunch in Castelló

The culture of the almuerzo (snack or elevensies) in the Valencian Community is a very important tradition for all classes of society, and for many, more important than paella itself. The almuerzo or esmorzaret is not only a meal that you have in the morning. It is a chance to socialize during your break from work. L’esmorzaret is a daily ritual for many people, and for many others, a weekly appointment to meet friends, play padel tennis, go cycling, ride motorcycles or any valid excuse as long as the meal is included in the plan. While for a lot of Spanish people is just another light meal, for the Valencian Community is a sacred tradition.

A typical almuerzo in Valencia (esmorzaret in Valencian) starts with olives, peanuts and lupin beans (altramuces or altramusos). It usually includes a baguette that can be filled with Spanish omelet, calamari, pork loin with cheese, etc. (there is a long list to choose from) or a couple of tapas and a drink (also, whatever you like from the menu). To end it you may have a white coffee, a cortado (espresso macchiato) or a carajillo (coffee mixed with rum or brandy).

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