viernes, junio 5, 2020

LGTB 2017 Pride Party in Valencia

The pride LGTB in Valencia arrives in 2017 loaded with news. Do not forget to celebrate this party that claims the rights and equality of the LGTB collective. Valencia will have many activities for the months of June and July.

For the second consecutive year the LGTB 2017 Pride party will be held in the Town Hall Square in Valencia. On Saturday, June 24th, all the neighbors of the city are invited to this great celebration after the manifestation of LGTB Pride Day in the city.

The manifestation, which will begin on Saturday, June 24th at 7:30 pm under the motto “We demand a free world to be as we are”, will end in the place where at 21:30 hours will start the Pride Party LGTB of Valencia.

The drag artist and actress of the theater Liz Dust will be the one in charge to conduct the night on a stage that will tread multitude of artists: Roser, Sonia Madoc, Soraya Naoyin, Fruela, Yeyo, Lara Sajén, Dj Suri, Marien Baker, The Pop Kids, Óscar Liv, Rafa Star, Eterno, Markus dB and Boccachico will make us move the skeleton until 3 am and enjoy ourselves in an inclusive way. LET’S ENJOY!!!!