martes, mayo 26, 2020

‘Les Danses’ of Guadassuar 2017

The ‘Dansà’ becomes indisputable protagonist in the Valencian locality of Guadassuar. Every night, from the last week of August the streets will be lit up with music and people will fill the space dancing to the sound of the old Valencian ‘danses’. A lively party, which has its origin in the visit that James I the Conqueror made to Guadassuar after conquering Valencia, in which everyone who wants to spend a fun evening participates. A parade, starting at nine o’clock in the evening, will kick off from the Mayor Square to the street of’ La Dansà’, where the ‘festers’, musicians and the “Cap de la Dansà” will be.

After the energy wastage, forces will be restored with a dinner, until 11:00 pm at night, when the “Cap de la Dansà”, an official guest of the City Council (formerly an experienced dancer), with his traditional ‘cridà’ will invite to all the neighbors of the locality so that they sound the castanets with more gracefulness than ever.

A condition to enjoy the festivity is to wear the most original clothing possible. The participants are asked to have the costumes they carry have a daily elaboration, grace and ingenuity. There are those who consider this part of the festivity as the popular ‘carnestoltes’, with which, it has several common aspects. The music is the one of the Valencian ‘danses’. Traditionally all the music was interpreted with the ‘dolçaina’ and the ‘tabalet’, but now the musicians of the band invade the streets playing a great ‘charanga’.

Finally, the prizes are distributed, both couples and ‘comparsas’, and also the Queen of the ‘Danses’. A gold closing that makes the festivities unforgettable days, where the feast and the fun to the sound of traditional music is guaranteed.