martes, mayo 26, 2020

Learn about other countries in the 8th Multicultural Festival

If you are around Alicante and want to assist to the 8th Multicultural Festival, you can do it from the 30th of September to the 2nd of October in Benissa. In the festival you will be able to get to know more about different countries and enjoy of food, parades, music, expositions, dances and so on.

During all the festival different activities take place which everyone will be able to enjoy. On Friday, there will be a parade with a “dolçaina” and a “tabalet” at 7pm and at 7.30pm the different countries which will be present at the event will be introduced. On Saturday, there will be several expositions in Dolores Piera Park, a parade, and activities held by the different countries in their stands such as an instrumental group by Italy, a choir by United Kingdom, an international mariachi by Mexico and much more performances by the other countries as well. On Sunday, the last day of the festival, the last performance held by the different countries takes place until the closing ceremony which takes place at 9pm.

The different performance held during the whole festival are a good way to get to know more about different cultures and learn about how they may differ from each other, so it is a good place to go if you are interested in learning more about the world.