jueves, febrero 27, 2020

La Tomatina in Buñol, an exclusive tomato battle

La Tomatina is held during the 31st of August in Buñol, a town located in the East of Spain, and it is a very traditional festivity which is celebrated every year. In thow tomatoes to each other and battle with tomatoes as a weapon for entertainment purposes only.

La Tomatina consists on throwing tomatoes to each other and battling for entertainment purposes only. This festivity has its origins in 1945, when a group of young people decided to participate in a parade with musicians, giants and big-heads. However, those people caused that one of the participants fell and therefore he got angry, which caused that he started hitting everything around him, even throwing tomatoes. That tomato fight between people was the true origin of this festivity and for this reason it is widely known as La Tomatina (from tomato). Even though this traditional festivity has been cancelled twice it has always been permitted at the end and for this reason people can enjoy of this battle every year.

To participate in this battle there are several rules that people must follow to avoid problems and accidents. First of all, people are not allowed to bring bottles or similar objects in order to avoid injuring other people and people must not tear and throw t-shirts. Furthermore, it is also good to squash the tomatoes before throwing them in order to diminish the impact they may cause. Also, people must be aware of the trucks and prevent getting close to them. Finally, people must stop throwing tomatoes once they hear a second shot. Not to mention that people must also follow the rules of the security personnel.

For La Tomatina there are different tickets available, which normally include the transportation and the participation in La Tomatina. For example, going to Buñol from Valencia will cost 50€ including transportation, participation and paella and sangria and depending on the length of your trip the price increases.



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