viernes, febrero 28, 2020

‘La Gran Fira de València’ arrives to stay all the month of July

La Gran Fira de València’, also known as the July Fair in Valencia, is a great celebration whose origins go back to 1871.

At that time, Valencia City Council decided to launch a summer festival with playful offerings with two objectives: to invite the residents of the city to stay in Valencia during the summer period and, on the other hand, to attract visitors to the city. 
The more than 100 years of celebration are more than enough to make this July Fair in Valencia one of the must-sees of leisure and culture in the city.
This year 2017, ‘La Gran Fira de València’ will host a large number of free events for all audiences. 
From the classic Concerts de Vivers, passing through the Fair of Attractions of Valencia, tastings and the mythical Battle of Flowers of the walk of Alameda.
One of the most outstanding days, with no doubt, is ‘La Gran Nit‘ of Juliol. During this night of the last Saturday of July will organize a multitude of activities until well into the night. Another of the distinguishing elements of the city and ‘La Gran Fira de València’, apart from music and flowers, are fireworks. The Valencia Pyrotechnics Festival fills the city with color on July nights.
The Battle of Flowers of Valencia is one of the most awaited acts of the city. A show of smells and colors that is celebrated the last Sunday of July. In this battle of flowers, which dates back to 1891, a fight is fought between the members of majestic floats decorated with flowers and drawn by horses. The rackets make weapons and the carnations of bullets.
In 2016 was celebrated the 125 anniversary of the battle of flowers of Valencia. That is why the poster of ‘La Gran Fira de València’ decided to pay tribute to this great floral act. In the poster you can see some flowers made of paper that give off a lot of color and freshness.
The Battle of Flowers 2017 of ‘La Gran Fira de València‘ is celebrated on the walk of the Alameda before the expectant eyes of neighbors and tourists.
The duration of the Battle of Flowers is about an hour, which leaves when finishing a beautiful and multicolored carpet of flowers.