La Fira del Llibre (Book Fair), a universe of debate and literary news

The Fira del Llibre is transformed annually into a place of dialogue to discuss topics included in the works presented and other current issues. The public thus becomes an active and essential agent of this annual meeting with literature. During its eleven days, the Fira has organized 16 round tables and debates that will take place in different spaces of Jardines de Viveros.

The round tables will begin on April 25 at 19: 00 with the Veu de la memòria (The Voice of Memory), a meeting moderated by journalist Lola Bañón, in which experts in historical memory  such as Alberto Aznar (lawyer), Manuel Polo (forensic), Carmen Soto (Amnesty International) and Santi Vallés (family member of the Fosa 113 of the Paterna cemetery)will participate. The event will also feature the dramatized reading of Antigona by actress Pilar Almeria and the musical performance of singer-songwriter Pau Alajos.

On Saturday, April 27 there will be three main round tables: the first one: Llegim Ciència Ficció (Let’s read science-fiction), moderated by Susana Alfonso (the Golem Fest) in the Room Museu 1 at 12:00 am and in which Mariló Alvarez (La primera onada, Bromera), Guillem López (Lago negro de tus ojos, Alianza), Ana García Herráez (El sendero de la palabra, Apache Libros) and Sergi Llauger (Epsilon, Apache Libros) will speak; the secon one, Llegim novel·la negra(Let’s read crime novels), by the festival Valencia Negra and which will be attended by Juan Madrid (Adios, princesa/Un beso de amigo, Alianza) and Jerónimo Tristante (Secretos,  Alianza); the last round table of the day, Llegim novel·la negra en valencià (Let’s read crime novels in Valencian), will take place at 19:00h in the Sala Museu 1, will also be energized by Valencia Negra, and will count with the presence of Juli Alandes (Caça major,, Joan Carles Ventura (Camins dubtosos, and Vicent Borràs (Què saps de Vidal Palau?, Bromera).

On the 29th of April in the morning is scheduled the meeting Dones i literatura (Women and Literature) at 12 o’clock, in the Hall Museu 2. The event, presented by Rosa Roig, will count with the participation of Anna Chover (Carn de ficcions, Onada), Anna Oliver (Parlem d’amor? Tu tries, Ediciones 96), Encarna Sant-Celoni (Adrienne Rich. 21 poemes d’amor, PUV), and the journalists Violeta Tena and Emilia Bolinches. At 19:00h in the afternoon of that same day, the Fira will host two round tables: Som diversos i diverses (We are different), in the Espai Obert 1, with Carles Cano, Cristina Durán, Rubén Muñoz, César Martí, Toni Out, and Josep Arrandis; and Llegim Poesia (Let’s read Poetry), in the Room Museu 2, with poets Ricardo Bellveser (El sueño del funambulista, OléLibros), Antonio Mayor (Polarois, OléLibros), Luis García Trapiello (Así es, OléLibros) and Vicente Barberá (Después del amor, OléLibros).

On May 30, the Espai Obert 1 will host the Rock – Rock table per a llegir (Rock-Rock to read), moderated by the director of Verlanga magazine, Rafa Rodríguez, and with the participation of Carlos Pérez de Ziriza (No olvides las canciones que te salvaron la vida, Efe Eme), Susana Monteagudo and Luis Demano (Historia ilustrada del Rock, Litera) and Juanjo Mestre (1050 discos cardinales, Makma).

At 12 o’clock on the 1st of May, the meeting Llegim histórica (Let’s read historical novels) will take place in Sala Museu 2, with the collaboration of Torrent Històrica and the presence of María Costa (El secreto de los Sanjuan, OléLibros), Fernando Ugeda (Carta desde el acantilado, OléLibros) and Mar Busquets (La voz y el agua, OléLibros).

The next day, on May 2, the Room Museu 1 will host at 19h a round table on Human Rights moderated by Vicent Garcia Devis, in which Pau Bares (Amnesty International), Esma Kucukalic (journalist) and Angela Nzambi (head of the social participation of CEAR and writer) will participate.

On Friday May 3rd, at 6pm in the Carpa Editors, Laura Huerga, Milthon Robles and Amparo Panadera will participate in the scheduled event for the World Press Freedom Day. Later, at 7 pm In Room Museu 1, journalists Leticia Álvarez, Ethel Bonet, Lola Bañón and Ana del Paso (Spanish reporters, war witnesses, Debate) will discuss Women war reporters.

The closing weekend  of the Fira, the 4th and 5th of May, features an agenda full of meetings that revolve around the diversity of gender, theatre, and children’s literature. The transexualitat als llibres (Transexuallism in books) and Llegim lectures LGTBi (Let’s read LGTBI books) , both by the Lambda collective, will be held on 4 May.

The first colloquium will take place at 18 h in the Sala Museu 1 and will have Fani Grande (Jo sóc així, i això no és un problema, Vincle), Guillem Montoro and Patricia Estellés (I si fores tu?, Vincle) and Valeria Vegas (Vestidas de azul, Dos Bigotes). An hour later and in the same room, the second debate of the day will bring together Mila Martínez (Regreso a Eterna, Egales), Encarna Sant-Celoni (Adrienne Rich. 21 poemes d’amor, PUV), Anna Boluda (Res a amagar, Tabarca), Eley Grey (Todas están locas, La Calle), Clara Asunción García (Elisa frente al mar), Lupe Bohiques (Objetos perdidos, El Doctor Sax), Paloma Insa (Tres de abril), Óscar Hernández (El viaje de Marcos, Egales; El viatge de Marcos, Alupa) and Carlos Rodríguez (Comarcal 415, Angels Fortune Ediciones).

Finally, we will have to wait for the closing of the Fira to enjoy Llegim Teatre (Let’s read Theatre), moderated by the Cultural Manager Teresa De Juan, and Llegim relats (Let’s read stories), by César Gavela (Los Astros, OléLibros), Jimmy Entraigües (Cuentos, El Buho De Minerva), Manuel González Busto (Cartas a Giselle, OléLibros) and Gustavo Zaragoza (Entre sueños y realidad, Balandra Ediciones).