miércoles, febrero 19, 2020

July fair concerts 2017 in “Los Jardines de Viveros”

Last February 22, the first tickets for the Viveros Concerts of the Valencia July fair are put on sale. The public can purchase the tickets for the shows confirmed through the festival website (concertsdevivers.com) at prices ranging from 12 to 40 euros.

The program progress includes fourteen performances by local, national and international groups. And, according to the organizers, the price of the tickets represents in some cases, a reduction of 40% with respect to the tariffs of other points in Spain. Especially for international artists.
The next edition makes an important commitment to improve the services and comfort of the venue and make the concerts in Valencia an experience that integrates the leisure, culture and gastronomy of the city. As a great novelty for this year, the enclosure will integrate a zone of steps and turf that will improve the comfort and the accessibility of the space.