miércoles, febrero 26, 2020

IV Edition Benassal’s Trade Fair

This year will be the fourth edition of this fair, which brings together a large audience and, on this occasion, comes loaded with news. The fourth edition of the Benassal’s Trafe Fair will transform the streets and squares of this locality of the region of l’Alt Maestrat on 22 and 23 July. More than seventy trades and exhibition spaces will make Benassal return to its most recent past, recalling and drawing from oblivion, trades, popular memory and traditions.

This year’s edition will arrive to Benassal “La Viajera”, a unique bus that will remember the arrival of vacationers in the early twentieth century. This will be supported by Hife, the historic bus company La Hispano Fuente in Segures, which receives its name from the spa of Benassal. Another novelty that appears in this fair is the “Route of the Bombings” with the recreation and location of the impacts of the Nazi bombs during the “Spanish Civil War”. You can also visit the new museum of La Cassassa dels Moros, the exhibition of drawings “50 personatges de fa 50 anys”, the presentation of the project “From the Trade Fair to a museum of Traditional Life” The novelties are just a few of the ones that will be able to find neighbors and visitors who approach the 2017 edition of the “Benassal Trade Fair”. In the streets and squares of Benassal, visitors will find trades that were traditional or are still alive in the locality, such as: spinning, sheep shearing, traditional mowing, “emblanquinar” workshop, truficultores and the boletaire, the rural school, the taverns…

Benassal will be an ethnographic museum where Benassal water will not be missing from its origins, the economic activities that have sustained the town or a trip for the last 100 years. For the old core will pass the beekeeper, the seamstress, the carpenter, will open its doors the grocery store, will cook “guixassos”

A living museum that will allow all who pass by the locality to know how the ancient Benassal was. The whole fair will be dressed up with music, the Ball Pla danced with the only light of the tea, the bureo, the ride with the cars, a gymkana, the sheriff who will announce it …