Interesting natural landscapes in the Valencian Country

If you want to visit the Valencian Country and you want some ideas for your trip, we have some suggestions for you. These interesting natural landscapes are worth your time and will not disappoint you for sure, so you cannot say that you do not know where to go any longer.

El Pou Clar


El Pou Clar if the most important fluvial area in Ortinyent and it is a good place to go if you want to get lost in the woods and enjoy a magic natural landscape.

While walking through the woods, you can find the River Clariano which is one of the best spots for the summer and some people decide to go there to relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Portitxol Island


This island is located between Cap Prim and Cap Negre in Xabia and it is 300m wide. The island is characterized by its rocky landscape which makes the landscape so beautiful for some people. During the whole year, a lot of divers try to go the island and discover more about the island and the sea.

L’Albufera de València


During 1986, the Albufera was declared was declared a Natural Reserve. This is the largest lake in Spain and it is widely well known for its flora and fauna and it is a good place to taste rice dishes.

If you want to go there you can visit the whole Albufera by boat which will cost 4€-8€ and you will be able to enjoy the landscape while you take your time and relax.

The Columbretes islands


The Columbretes Islands are located in Castellon and they are characterized for its volcanic landscape, so those interested in volcanic areas can enjoy this magnificent rocky landscape which is amazing for most of the people.

These islands are very well preserved and for this reason we can find unique species of the Mediterranean, which is interesting for all those people who are also interested about the vegetation and animals in the world.

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