sábado, mayo 30, 2020

III Black Morella like the Truffle

‘Morella Negra Como la Trufa’ is a gastro-literary weekend at the Gastronomic Days of the Black Truffle of Morella. This year the XV edition of these days dedicated to the black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) that takes place in the ‘Comarca Dels Ports’. From January 26 to March 11, the main restaurants of Morella and the region belonging to the business association Asetmico offer menus made with this rare and appreciated mushroom.

The weekend of February 23 to 25 they will make the 3rd Black Morella Like the Truffle in which we mix the black truffle with the black novel giving rise to our black gastro-literary weekend. From Friday at the opening until Sunday with the last black brochette and black wine in hand we can taste the main black literature of our country, truffle brochette prepared by our restaurants and wines of the PGI of Castellón making an exquisite combination. During these days Morella Negra offers you 4 interesting literary tables, poetry and the meeting of writers with their readers in the Lonja Town Hall of Morella that becomes the Gastro-Literary Tasting Space “Sergio Beser” where the book firm will take place, the tasting of brochettes and black wine at the end of the literary tables. There will also be a playful activity to get to know Black Morella and the presentation of the “Tuber Melanosporum” award for the best black novel written by a new writer during the 2016-17 school year.

The “Tuber Melanosporum” awards the Best Novel Black of a novel writer published between September 2016 and August 2017. The jury of the “Tuber Melanosporum”, chaired by Xavier Borrell and composed of 7 members of the group “La Canyeta Literaria”, has chosen the following finalists for its second edition:

Plato de mal gusto of Alvaro Aguilera Fauro from AKal Publishing House
Ya no quedan junglas adonde regresar of Carlos Augusto Casas from Mar Editor Publishing House
Massa mares per a un fill of Dora Muñoz from Llibres del Delicte Publishing House
La cajita de rape of Javier Alonso García-Pozuelo from Maeva Publishing House
Llamamé Méndez of Victoria González Torralba from Planeta Publishing House
The verdict of the jury and the winner will be announced on Saturday, February 24 at the time of the award ceremony.