jueves, junio 4, 2020

II Valencia Culinary Meeting

The second edition of the Valencia Culinary Meeting is here. During the seven days, and in tandem, the chefs will elaborate menus of product and origin, betting on the local and universal gastronomy, vindicating the global value of good food.

Nine of the best restaurants in Valencia will offer special menus between February 25 and March 3. They are gastronomic proposals that arise from the friendship of local chefs with renowned national and international colleagues, who have invited to share stoves. The result is exclusive menus with four hands that can be tasted in the restaurants of València and that show that the local product and technique match perfectly with the global avant-garde.

Kitchens of embers, stews, avant-garde techniques, even or divergent bases, smoked dishes, raw cuisine, cuisine of memory, respectful of the product of the sea and the mountain.

It is the moment of cooking based on memory and the environment; of looking towards our territory and our past because we are what precedes us. It is time for gastronomy to return to its essence, to a naked kitchen that looks more at the orchard than at the laboratory; let them know that the excitement at the table has much more to do with the heart and with the storeroom; with the earth, the vegetables, the herbs, the flowers and the vegetables; the sea and the mountain. It is the year of the return to the product.


  • Ricard Camarena and Perfecte Rocher and Alia Rocher; 28 Feb – 2 Mar/ Lunch
  • Manuel Alonso and Ryan Stover; 1 – 3 Mar/ Lunch and Dinner
  • Bernd Knöller and Johannes King; 28 Feb – 1 Mar/ Dinner
  • Luis Valls and Albert Adrià; 1 – 2 Mar/ Dinner
  • Enrique Medina and Diego Rossi; 27 Feb Lunch and Dinner / 28 Feb – 1 Mar Lunch and Dinner / 2 Mar Lunch
  • Juan Antonio Sánchez and Arnau Bosch; 27 Feb – 1 Mar/ Dinner
  • Carlos Julián and Javier Moreno; 1 – 3 Mar/ Lunch and Dinner
  • Miguel Ángel Mayor and Diego Gallegos: 25 Feb/ Lunch and Dinner
  • Emiliano García, Ernestas VirŠilas and Tadas Eidukevicius; 28 Feb and 2 Mar/ Dinner




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