miércoles, febrero 26, 2020

‘I Mostra de vins d’estiu’ of the Great Fair of July in Valencia

The ‘Mostra‘, to be held from 14th to 16th of July in the Town Hall Square, is scheduled within the framework of the Great Fair of Valencia, with a collaboration agreement between both that will be publicly signed by Fuset and Cuartero during the presentation. The objective of the agreement is to achieve a more complete dissemination of the activities carried out by the Department of Festive Culture, while benefiting PROAVA in the promotion of quality products of the Region of Valencia, given the great interest that this event has both for the neighbors of the city of Valencia and its metropolitan area as for the tourism that during these days visits the Great Fair.

The ‘Mostra‘ will take place in the Town Hall Square from Friday 14th at 19:30 pm. Definitely, a plan for the third weekend of July. On Friday 14th at 19:30 hours will be the opening, followed by the awards of the competition of ‘CAVAS‘ and sparklings and to end the concert of JAZZMATIKS, better impossible!!

On Saturday 15th at 20:00 there will be activities for the youngest, entertaining and didactic. We have not forgotten the oldest, so at 22:30 hours will begin the concert of Cicco Tiñone, a group of Pop & Rock that performs international covers.

Finally on Sunday 16th and to dismiss the big event apart from the scheduled activities will be held a closing ceremony.

This ‘Mostra‘ is organized by PROAVA, who organizes the traditional Wine, Cavas and Liquors and Traditional Food Show of the Valencian Community.