jueves, junio 4, 2020

Hogueras de San Juan

The Bonfires of San Juan are the largest festivals in the city of Alicante. They have their origin in the tradition of burning useless objects with the arrival of the summer solstice. More than 200 monuments (bonfires) made of cardboard with satirical themes are planted in the city.

These will burn on June 24th in the spectacular night of the “Cremà” (Burning Night), accompanied by the popular “Banyà” (Watering) carried out by the firemen to put out the fires. During the holidays, acts such as the “Mascletàs” (Firework displays) the Pregón (Parade), the “Plantà” (Planting of the bonfires), the Cabalgata Del Ninot (Ninot Parade) are included; highlighting the offering of flowers to Our Lady of the Remedy.

From the 25th until the 29th, the fireworks competition takes place on Postiguet beach, while the medieval market and its different shows liven up the old town centre.

Welcome to summer

To celebrate the entrance of summer, traditionally the people of Alicante went for dinner in the field on June 23rd: they ate typical products and when midnight came they would light fires, dance around them, throw rockets and bathe in the sea. This custom was maintained over time and in 1928 was formally established as the festivities of the Hogueras de San Juan (St. John’s Bonfires). For several days, Alicante celebrates this great tribute to fire, in which the main protagonists are real works of ephemeral art: the “bonfires”, the huge cardboard and wood figures that burn on the night of San Juan.