jueves, junio 4, 2020

History reenactment in Alcora

If you like history, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Alcora from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th of November. During those days Alcora will recreate the life of XIII century, which is very interesting to learn more about that century.

More than 50 groups participate in this history recreation and they come from all over the world just to make people feel like if they were in the past. Furthermore, people will be able to go to the medieval market that will take place in Plaza San Roc and Plaza de la Sang. During the event, different activities will also take place, such as different expositions about life in the medieval era, plays, music and dances, workshops and so one. There will also be a constant recreation of people daily life in the past.

If you want to experiment something different and time travel into the past, this is the perfect event for you. In it, you will be able to enjoy history and learn more about it in a unique way.