sábado, mayo 30, 2020

Festivities in honor of ‘La Virgen de Gracia’ of Vila-real

Tomorrow, September 1, will start the celebrations in honor of ‘La Virgen de Gracia’ 2017, which in this edition will again have a program “diverse, plural and focused on the traditions and signs of identity of the city”, with important novelties among the more than 200 events planned.

On the Friday before the first Sunday of September, the pilgrimage takes place from Patroness Hermitage to the city, with the image of the same. This secular tradition dates back to 1757. During the ten days of the festivities, ‘la novena’ is celebrated in honor of the Virgin, as well as the acts of the patron saint’s festivities, as in May. The Sunday of the following week, return in procession and later pilgrimage with the image to her hermitage again.

The Hermitage of ‘La Virgen de Gracia’ is a very representative building of the popular Mediterranean architecture that is home to, along with an important sample of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque tiles and an ethnological museum, a cabinet of archeology. It is interesting, because of its complete Baroque decoration, the little oratory that keeps the image of the Patroness. The works of the current hermitage originated in the 16th century have since undergone numerous modifications and extensions.