miércoles, febrero 19, 2020

Feslloch Festival 2017

After celebrating in its last edition its tenth anniversary, Feslloch, a referent festival of music sung in Valencian, returns this 2017 with more energy than ever before. And it does it with the renewed commitment with a scene that grows vigorous and will again have in the festival of Benlloch its best showcase.

The Feslloch, which will be held as usual on the second weekend of July (from 6th til 8th), will open every year the Valencian season of summer festivals. It will also be a great end to one of the best years of Valencian music, as well as on the Tour with which Valencian School will bring the directs of our artists to many of the Valencian counties.

The festival also launched the song and promotional video clip for the 2017 edition. The theme ‘Nemon de festa!’ Is an original composition of the ‘senienca’ band, Pepet i Marieta. The video’s release exceeded all expectations, with tens of thousands of reproductions in a few days. The organization, headed by the Feslloch Association and supported by the Benlloch Town Hall, the Valencian School-Reviscola and the Pitxurrull Cultural Association, was optimistic about the sale of tickets, but they were also pleased with the creation of synergies in the region, with the participation of neighbors in the promotional video clip or with the collaboration of musicians from all over the Plana Alta to the show ‘Feslloch a banda’.