Some espectacular routes in the Valencian Country

If you ike walking and you are visiting the Valencian Country you need to do these routes, so they are very interesting and will let you know more about the Valencian Country and its surroundings.

La Plana del Montgó


The route begins next to the front door of Club Nautico de Denia. The road conforms the entire edge of the coast from this point to “Les Arenetes”.

The flora of the place is exceptional, and there are various flora micro-reserves.

La Penya Blasca


In this completely circular route we will follow part of the PRV-313 and PRV-4 paths and some stretches of roads and tracks.

You can see some lime kilns and mills for producing paper of great importance in earlier times.

Barranco de Carcalín


This tour will be done along the path PRV 190 that begins in Buñol and connects with the GR.7,  one km in front of fountain Umbria, near the Aula and Área recreativa de las Moratillas.

During this route you will be able to se the representativeness of the Mediterranean flora and the limestone walls of the ravine Carcalín or Buñol.

La Peña Cortada


On this tour we will follow the path of PRCV-92 route, although we will not make the variant by the Torre de Castro. We begin in the town Calles.

On this tour you will be able to see the area of the Roman aqueduct of Peña Cortada and river course of River Chelva.


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