Eric Valiente and his hand in hand with the cycling elite

The Sharjah Tour UCI 2.1 was the first challenge faced by young cyclist Eric Valiente in the new season. For four days, he has toured part of the territory of Dubai, where he has obtained a 32nd position. Eric, who is facing his first full season in professionals says to keep all the learning achieved during his stay in the country, he is preparing for his next race, in Algeria.

The young almussafes cyclist has just returned from his first competition of the new season 2018. After touring numerous countries on two wheels last year, the athlete has started 2018 in the same way, living his passion for cycling in a competition of at international level.

Dubai was its first destination of the year, where the Sharjah Tour UCI 2.1 was held for four days. In this sporting event he had the opportunity to share a squad with teams like Vital Concept and Wilier Tristina, who compete in the Tour de France and the Giro of Italia, respectively.
A ten-kilometer individual time trial, held in the city of Sharjah, gave the kick-off to its first full season in professionals with the Vib Sports Pro Cycling Team.

Finally he closed his participation in the test in the 32nd position of the general, although beyond the result, ensures that he remains with teamwork. He highlights the getaway together with five teammates in the urban circuit through the streets of Dubai and with the media repercussion that the race had thanks to the international signal that the event had.

Eric says that this first challenge has served as a learning experience for the following ones and he is already preparing for his next challenge in Algeria, where he will know a new continent in the way he likes the most, at the stroke of a pedal.

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