miércoles, febrero 26, 2020

Enjoy the Paella’s international contest in Sueca

Paella is one of the most typical food of the Valencian Country and most of the tourist that come here cannot miss the chance to taste it at least once. This dish is so famous that sometime some contests are done in order to proof which is the best paella,like the Paella’s international contest in Sueca, which is held next 13th of September in Sueca at 10.30am and it is an international contest, so the winner will have the chance to compete in other foreign countries.

Paella is a dish that has its origins in XV and XVI in the countryside. During that time, peasants had the need to make food with the ingredients that they had there and this is how paella was first created. According to some sources, paella has its origins in Albufera’s lake in which rice is easily found. From that moment onwards people started eating paella and it finally became one of the most traditional dishes in Spain and very famous worldwide.

To participate in this contest participants must follow certain rules which are the following ones. Firstly, people allowed to participate are those professional cookers who participate representing some entity in the hotel industry or related to gastronomy. Some of the cookers participating in the contest can also be invited by the committee and there will be a maximum of 30 participants. Those participants must cook a paella using the recipe provided by the committee with the aim of spreading the art of cooking paella worldwide.

For those interested in observing how is the most traditional dish in the Valencian Country made and at the same time enjoy of the contest this is a great opportunity they cannot miss.