miércoles, junio 3, 2020

Enjoy the Circus of Valencia in the new year with family and children

Valencia is full of special activities and plans designed for everybody to enjoy this emotional season. One of the fixed bets for this holidays are the circuses, which each December arrive to Valencia for the enjoyment of children and adults.

Some of the ones you can enjoy are:

Christmas Circus ‘Zoorprendente’, the only show with animals that brings together the most impressive beasts of the circus panorama in the Region of Valencia and that you can enjoy from November 25 to January 8, 2018. The company has decided to locate in Alfafar, where circuses with animals are not forbidden. The show also features comic parodies of international clowns, as well as the performances of gymnasts and acrobats that will share the spotlight with some of the most spectacular animal species in the world.

It will present groups of animals and beasts, being the only circus in the Valencia Community with this type of circus acts.

The program is composed of:
-Royal Tigers of Bengal from India.
-Family Teelker acrobats in the aerial quadrant of the Circus Royal of Holland.
-Giant Crocodiles and Serpents of the Nile Africa presented by Mr.Krokodile.
-Mimmo Di Lello il Pagliaccio di Roma and his Car Rolls Royce Comedian.
-The Golden Horses of Przewalski and Poneis Toy Shetland of Norway.
-The magnificent and elegant Dance Body of Girls Dance Show.
-Magic of Quick Change of Shang Donhg of the Chinese Imperial Circus.
-Miss Elsa the sensual Queen of Ice with her Hula Hoops.
-Dakota West, Throwers of Knives, Whips and Guns of the Wild West American.
-Galdys Medini from the Rio de Janeiro Circus in Brazil with Parrots and Parrots in free flight.
-The Air Tissues with the Fantasy of Tarzan and Jane with Giant Gorillas of the Ringland Circus of France.
The art of circus and pure live entertainment for the memory and fun of Valencian families who wish to get close to the Christmas Circus.

The Tent of Circus Alaska presents, from the avenue of the Three Crosses, next to the cemetery and in full Bulevar South, two different spectacles. A different offer for adults and children with trapeze artists, acrobats, specialists and without animals. The offer for all audiences of the Great Circus Alaska will be available from December 7, 2017 until January 7, 2018.

The Wonderland circus will also be available in Valencia, from December 1 to January 22, 2018. After twelve years animating the Valencian Christmas, it returns with two different shows: a particular version of the story of Peter Pan with 25 specialists and another show with all the classics of the circus world, like acrobats, gymnasts, a bullet man, a walker, clowns and skaters.

The second part enjoys an authentic circus with:
-Randy Forgione aerial gymnast in nylon ribbons.
-From the USA to the track of the great Wonderland circus, the bullet man will be shot by a huge cannon into the sky of Valencia.
-12 acrobats on unicycles, unique in the world in performing a somersault to a second column.
-Sara Jane walker on steel wire.
-Group of wonders, 5 acrobatic skaters.
-The clown Ringo with his new show 2017.
-Bruno Macaggi (Cristian Catenato), recently elected as the best young circus artist of the year 2016.
-For the first time in Valencia we can see the spectacular performance on “Trampowall” always by the hand of the Ukrainian Adrenaline Team jumpers.
-The great final parade with all the artists of the company will be a surprise for all the Valencian public.

All under the huge tents of the Great Wonderland Circus, with more than 5000 m2 of infrastructure with 250,000 wts of lights, effects and robotics, more than 20,000 wats of sound, a capacity of more than 1,000 locations that offer perfect visibility, room waiting for 1,500 people and heating.

Three perfect options and suitable for everybody, lovers of great shows and, of course, Christmas Holidays.