Enjoy shopping in the Valencian Country

Abanicos Carbonell

This historic fan maker, in business since 1810, offers hand-painted manual cooling units ranging from a very reasonable €10 for the basic but pretty ones to works by famous fan painters that run to thousands of euros.

Madame Mim

Many Valencians would say that this is the city’s best vintage shop, and we’re always intrigued by what they’ve got in stock. As well as the clothes, there’s a quirky line of interesting objects that’s always worth a peek.

Chic Market

This interesting space has a handful of small stalls selling interesting arrays of clothing, including some vintage gear, and accessories and curiosities.


More than half a century ago, three Lladró brothers produced the first of their famed porcelain sculptures. Nowadays, their factory on the city’s northern outskirts employs a staff of hundreds and exports its figurines worldwide.

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