viernes, febrero 28, 2020

Enjoy running in Cabanyal

If you like sport and you are in the Valencian Country during this month of October and November, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the different popular races which take place in the city. The race takes place on the 6th of November at 9am.

In this case, you can enjoy of “volta a peu al Cabanyal”, which is a way to practice sport and visit this great city at the same time. If you want to participate in this race you can now register in the website. However, you must be aware that only people over 14 years old can participate in the race, so take it into account if you want to go to Cabanyal and participate.

To participate in the rice is not free, so If you want to register it costs 12.25€ and you will be required to pay the inscription via online, so take into consideration that you must register and pay in advance.