jueves, febrero 27, 2020

Enjoy a day at the park in the Jardines del Real

During the 24th of September, people will be able to enjoy a day at the park in the Jardines del Real in Valencia in which children of all ages will be able to play and enjoy the different activities which take place during the whole day. All the activities will start at 10 am and will last until the sunset, so it is a good day to enjoy of the garden altogether with the family.

During the whole day, several activities will take place in the garden and adults will also be able to participate in them, so it is a good opportunity to have a great time together before going back to the routine again. In the garden, there will be a playground for children, several workshops, sports in order to teach them about the importance of doing sport and food trucks as well, so if you get exhausted doing sport or participating in the workshops it is a good place to rest and eat some delicious food.

Moreover, people will also be able to enjoy the several concerts that will be held there and the different DJ’s as well, which make this day much more exciting and interesting for everyone.

The different tickets can be bought online and the price varies depending on what is included in it. One ticket which is available costs 4€ including a beer or a soft-drink, one ticket for a child activity but only allow you to stay until 6pm. Another ticket costs 8€ and include a soft-drink or beer but you can enjoy the activities during the whole day. Despite these two ticket, the prices also increase depending on the day you buy your ticket, so if you buy it earlier it will be much cheaper than if you buy it later.