martes, mayo 26, 2020

El Grao de Castelló

El Grao is the door of Castellón to the sea. At just four kilometres away from the city, it is easily accessible from the city by both bicycle and public transport.

Its centre is the Plaza del Mar (Mar’s Square), along with the Royal Yacht Club, the docks of the fishing port and the commercial port. Restaurants, shops, pubs, cinemas and hotels concentrate next to this square.

El Grao, Mouth-watering

If something stands out this district is its rich and elaborate cuisine. Fish such as sea bream, tuna or sea bass cooked on the grill, open, in their own sauce or with salt are delicacies worthy of the best palate. As for tapas, squid, rock mussels (steamed), clams or anchovies are an exquisite choice.



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