miércoles, febrero 26, 2020

Find more dinosaur remains in Morella that could be of a new species

With this finding, the site of the Mas de Romeu becomes one of the most important in Europe.

Paleontologists have found new dinosaur remains at the Mas de Romeu site, in the Castellón town of Morella, in “very good state of conservation”.
These fossils belong to a dinosaur of the sauropod family of about 20 meters in length from head to tail, an animal that would reach about eight meters in height.

Experts who have found a total of 80 bones, estimate that the remains are 125 million years old. With this finding, the site of the Mas de Romeu becomes one of the most important in Europe for the amount of remains and for its state of conservation, as reported by the City of Morella in a statement.
The Morellan paleontologist Jose Miguel Gasulla has highlighted that they have found “very interesting remains that allow to see and compare all the rest of the region and to see the similarities and differences of the life in this zone”.

“It could be a new species, although it is not confirmed and there is a need to go deeper into the study of these remains,” he said. The expert has pointed out that the dinosaur “is 125 million years old, very similar to all the remains that have been found in the area.” “The discovery belongs to the lower Cretaceous, more specifically the Upper Barrenian,” he added.
The bones of this discovery will be able to stay in Morella to continue working with them. Thus, as a result of this finding, will accelerate the deadlines and work needed to enable a space where experts can continue their work in Morella and do not have to move to other laboratories or sites.

It is the second campaign that is carried out in this field. During the past year they found remains more deteriorated than at present. Thus, Gasulla has said that they are “profiling femurs and other findings that have appeared and we are not looking further in.” In this way, the paleontologist believes that “the field is not yet exhausted and that more can be found in future campaigns”.
The mayor of Morella, Rhamsés Ripollés, said that this finding “shows, once again, the paleontological heritage of Morella, which has a lot of potential and there are many things to find.”

These excavations are financed by the City of Morella and, in addition, the company Vega del Moll collaborates, which leaves them tools and material to carry out the different tasks. The mayor wanted to thank “the paleontologists, the excavation team and the land owners for their collaboration and involvement in the project.”