martes, mayo 26, 2020

‘Dias en la Marina’ with TheBasement

Días en La Marina’ , the event that promises to revolutionize Valencia during the first weekend of July!!!

The arrival of the good weather encourages to be by the sea enjoying its pleasant breeze; And La Marina of Valencia is an ideal place to do it. If you add that good music, sports activities, street food, children’s games and some other surprise, this event promises to become a real plan.

The axis of ‘Días en La Marina‘ will be, as is usual in theBasement events, the house, the disco and the electronic music; So they will feature international artists such as Rahaan and Jamie 3:26. However, the leisure offer of this event in Valencia does not end here. 
Workshops and activities with which to educate through music and play, yoga, skateboarding, will also count on the collaboration of the Mediterranean Surf School, who will teach the children and not so little to start surfing with the so-called Balance board and organize activities related to water sports in Valencia. In addition, they will collaborate with ‘Diseño al Cubo‘, mounting a zone of the most creative thing for designers. Sunglasses, cool designs, summer clothes, awesome decoration… Receiving the summer!!!
La Marina of València, will host at the beginning of July this event in which both families and groups of friends can enjoy together a musical, cultural and playful bet. ‘Días en La Marina‘ is an event where there is no age, so there are no excuses not to come to enjoy this event in the heat of summer in Valencia.
TheBasement is a project created by a group of restless minds born in the 80’s with the desire to offer a new approach to the events of their hometown, Valencia, and whose central theme of their activities are electronic quality rhythms.