viernes, junio 5, 2020

“Día de Todos los Santos” in Valencia

If you are in Valencia or elsewhere in Spain during the final week of October or the first week of November, you will be able to learn about “Día de Todos los Santos” which is a day in which people pay tribute to the memory of the dead.

“Día de Todos los Santos” takes place the 1st of November and it is a day in which everyone decides to pay a visit to the cemeteries and visit their loved ones, so it is a day exclusively dedicated to people who are no longer here. However, if you are in Valencia you can visit the city and taste typical food which is eaten exclusively that day, such as for example “Huesos de San Antonio” which are made of marzipan and are similar to the Saint’s bones.

During that day you can also visit the city and enjoy the Silence Museum, which consists of visiting the Valencia General Cemetery and learning more about its cultural background.

If you are in Valencia during the 1st of November and you want to enjoy the city during this day you can learn a lot about this culture and learn more about Valencian and Spanish history.