miércoles, febrero 26, 2020

Denia Patron Saint Festivity, ‘Bous a la Mar’

As every year the traditional Patron Saint Festivities of Denia are celebrated more commonly like ‘Bous a la Mar‘. ‘Els Bous a la Mar’ is a festivity declared national tourist interest because of its antiquity and tradition.

The Major Fest of Denia in honor of ‘La Santísima Sangre‘ and ‘Bous a la Mar‘ is celebrated for more than a week always coinciding with the second week of July (from 8th til 16th), an ideal date for those who take advantage to enjoy a holiday in this Mediterranean town.
Els bous a la Mar‘ of ​​Denia are one of the nationally known festivities, in which apart from the heifers run and the traditional parades of floats with the participation of the fallas commissions, the most outstanding and singular of these festivities are the bullfights where the participants try to have the heifers fall into the water.
Els bous a la Mar‘ are celebrated in Denia in an area by the sea, open to the wharf. There is a zone of steps in 2 heights in which you can see 2 sessions of these Bullfighting Run (at 13hr and at 19hr). The area at the ground floor with bars that prevent gorings, is the access for the bull runners . In the upper grandstand is accessed paying and fit hundreds of people who enjoy the bullfighting show.

Els bous a la Mar‘ is to release a bull in the enclosure enabled for it and that the bull runners get to take it towards the side of the water, so that it falls to the sea. Once the bull falls into the sea you are led to take it to the mainland and do not drown. Then another bull is released and so on.

The festive program is also composed of religious acts and other activities such as sports championships, children’s activities, musical concerts, ‘correfocs’ and many more.
The procession of ‘La Santísima Sangre‘ is commemorated the second Wednesday after Saint Peter, the day in which the Major Fest is organized. This procession comes from the belief in the sacred blood of Jesus Christ, and in which the dianenses carry out a religious march throughout the locality.