jueves, junio 4, 2020

‘Del Tros al Plat a les Comarques’

The philosophy ‘Del Tros al Plat’ unites the product with the producer and with the hands that transform it into unique and excellent dishes “.

“Del Tros al Plat” will arrive to the Valencian ‘comarques’ from November 17 to 26 to claim the Valencian territory as an excellent gastronomic tourist destination and as “the shortest path to happiness” of the visitor, through genuine dishes made with local products extracted from the land and the sea.

The name used in this ambitious program refers to the necessary link between the territory where the food product is grown (el tros) and the knot of knowledge that is put in the hands of the capacities of the chefs (el plat).

A total of 30 restaurants from eight regions participate in this first edition of ‘Del Tros al Plat a les Comarques’, with menus ranging from 20 to 45 euros (due to a midday menu, between 20 and 35 euros, and another at night, between 30 and 45 euros, for each one of the restaurants, without pairing).

The food, for a long time and increasingly, is one of the main demands of our visitors, we should take care of it from the beginning, from the ground. Putting value on producers and generating value chains that generate wealth among all our citizens.

The best prescribers of any product are its consumers. For this reason, the program has a part in which it involves the inhabitants of the territory, providing the necessary order so that it can generate the desired satisfaction.

‘Del Tros at Plat Comarques’ supports the variety and richness of our cuisine, linked to the products of the land and which determine the main attraction of our territory.