viernes, febrero 28, 2020

Cridà 2017 is almost here

It is almost one of days that Valencian people is waiting for during the whole year: The “Cridà” which always take place the last Sunday of February, in this case the 26th of February. It is a day that you might be interested in it and you will be be able to discover more about the history of our traditions, in this case of Fallas, very popular all over the world.

During this day, the “Fallera major” talks in front of the people and pronounces an speech in Torres de Serrano, in Valencia. This day is the first day of the Fallas festivity and there are a lot of activities for everyone, so if you go to Valencia during this time you will be able to discover the “real” Valencia, filled with fire and noise.

There is no doubt that it is a festivity that people do not want to miss when they visit Valencia, so it is a way to discover more about Valencian traditions.