Travel to the center of the earth from “Les Coves de Sant Josep” in Castellón

In Coves de Sant Josep, in La Vall d’Uixó, inhabits the longest navigable underground river in Europe, where you can practice espeleokayak.

The subterranean river of les Coves de Sant Josep, located in the natural place of the same name, is a natural cave of great beauty located in the municipality of La Vall d’Uixó. A boat trip on the longest navigable underground river in Europe is one of the most special activities that can be carried out in the Region of Valencia. Water has for thousands of years shaped the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites to turn your visit into a journey back in time, which has the adventurous atmosphere of Jules Verne’s novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth.        

The place is located in the Natural Park of the Sierra de Espadán. The cavity was developed by erosion of limestone in the Triassic period. One of the most interesting points of this special place is that the origin of the river or the end of the cave is still unknown, which maintains a constant temperature of 20º C throughout the year. The cavity is visited in a quiet boat ride, accompanied by a guide that sails the more than two kilometers of length of the cave explored so far.       

In addition to the visit by boat, you can enjoy musical performances, recreation and leisure areas, the café, etcetera. Les Coves de Sant Josep also offer, for just a few days, espeleokayak. An activity so that the most intrepid tourists enjoy the beauty of Coves de Sant Josep from another totally different perspective. The duration of the route is about an hour and a half and participants travel 800 meters by kayak and 250 meters by foot through the dry gallery. Definitely, an exclusive experience in a unique environment.

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