miércoles, febrero 26, 2020


Tradition, beauty and solemnity from the XIV century.

The Corpus Christi celebration of Morella that takes place on sunday 18th it is, along with that of Valencia, the oldest in the Mediterranean. Its origin dates from 1358 and still retains its wide content of biblical pictures. It is celebrated the Sunday following Corpus Thursday that marks the Catholic calendar.


On the eve, on Saturday, La Degolla is celebrated, where the slaughter of the Holy Innocents is staged. The children’s participation is multitudinous, wearing a peculiar white and red dress, and carrying in his hand a wooden sword that “stains” of saffron and water. The children’s commotion runs through the streets of Morella accompanied by a series of biblical characters. Corpus Sunday takes on a special color. In the afternoon the General Procession is celebrated, in which hundreds of neighbors and neighbors participate. This entourage depicts scenes and multiple characters from the New and Old Testament, the Prophets. The Evangelists, the Ark of the Covenant, the Apostles, dozens of images of saints, guildmasters, Els Cirialots, Angelets, children dressed as angels who fill the streets with rose petals, and all concluding with the passage of the Custody under pallium.

It is also worth noting the passage of l’Aliga, one of the most emblematic and ancestral symbols of the city as well as the parade of the four giants of Morella, some of the oldest in the Valencian Community.