miércoles, junio 3, 2020

Cool things to do and see in Valencia


The squares in Spain are often tree-lined, with gloriously cool shaded spots to escape the intense summer sun.
One of the most beautiful squares in Valencia is the Plaza de la Reina, or ‘Queen’s Square’ in English, located in the old town.

Valencia Cathedral

One of the cities’ more controversial claims to fame is that it has what is supposed to be the Holy Grail, the actual cup that Jesus drank from at the last supper.

Valencia’s Central Market

Whilst the prospect of wandering around a food market is not everyone’s first choice of what to do whilst on holiday, the historic Central Market of Valencia is quite unique and well worth a visit.

Going shopping in Valencia

Like most large cities, Valencia offers a lot of opportunities for some great retail therapy, and you will find all the major brands have a presence here.