viernes, febrero 28, 2020

Come to Peñíscola and enjoy Christmas

If you like Christmas and you are visiting the Valencian Country, you can now go to the Christmas market that will take place in Peñíscola from the 3rd to the 11th of December. You cannot miss the opportunity to go and enjoy a place like Peñíscola.

This market is a good place to buy your Christmas decoration or simply enjoy the market and discover Peñíscola meanwhile. The local shops will be part of the market and there will be music as well, so people can enjoy the market and music at the same time.

Moreover, if you are visiting Peñíscola with kids you all will be able to enjoy the market, so there will also be activities for kids, so they will not get bored. There is no doubt that it is a fantastic opportunity to discover Peñíscola and its people and learn more it.



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