viernes, febrero 28, 2020

Come to Almassora and enjoy their festivities

If you are in the Valencian Country and you want to visit the area of Castellon, you can go to the festivities in honour of Mare de Déu del Roser, which are held from the 30th of September to the 9th of October in Almassora.

During the whole day, different activities will take place, such as the offering to the Virgin or the tribute to Quiteria Herminia but other activities which can be enjoyed by everyone will be held as well. For example, people will be able to enjoy a Magic Festival, which is worth to go if you go with your children and other activities like workshops, torunaments, contests and so on.

Furthermore, music will not be an exception during all those days and people will be able to enjoy the music of people like Tecnicsound and the DJ called Cristian Bovea on Friday 30th On Saturday 1st we will be able to enjoy Maverick, the 1st Indie Festival in Almassora and the Orchestra of Mónaco on Saturday as well and on Thurdsay 6th. Finally, on Friday 7th there will be music from Aztembla and Hereus, Caragol Sound, Les Castizos and the DJ called Josvi and on Saturday 8th music from Frank Diago, La Ranamanca, Danza Showcase, Danny Romero and Jorge Iserte. All these concerts are free and everyone is able to enjoy them, so you can come alone, with your family, with your friend, but you will be always able to enjoy the different activities.

If you want to visit Almassora you can opt to go during these days and discover more about that place, which can be interesting for all those people who come to discover more about the Valencian Country.