sábado, mayo 30, 2020

Castellón de la Plana approves twinning with Targoviste

The town hall of Castellón has today approved in ordinary session the twinning of this city with Targoviste. After several meetings between the members of the City Council of Castellón and those of Targoviste, headed by Cristian Stan, have had several moments of contact to reaffirm the willingness of both cities to twin to extend the collaboration that already exists between the two municipalities. The locality of Castellón de la Plana has integrated of excellent form to the members of the Romanian community. According to the Romanian consul in Castellón, Dragos Viorel Tigla, “We already have Romanian entrepreneurs who employ Spaniards, as is the case of transport companies or solar energy. And in the future this will increase even more, with the exit to the labor market of children who have been raised here and have graduated in the institutes of Castellon, as well as in the UJI.

Also small Romania, as the Romanians call affectionately to the locality, have until a councilman of Romanian natural origin of Gaesti, located to 28 kilometers of Targoviste, has collaborated in the twinning between these two cities and has valued the event like ” A historic day for Castellón and for Targoviste, city where I first saw the light of the sun. After 13 years of relationship and official visits between the two municipalities. The Plenum of Castellón has decided with the unanimous vote of the 27 council members that the time has come to make the twinning relationship official. This relationship has existed for many years, since tens of thousands of Romanian citizens have decided to make their home in this magnificent Mediterranean municipality and have been integrated naturally into the society of Castellon. For me it has been an honor to be able to be an active part of my vote in making this memorable decision and I hope to be able to contribute in the future in the development of relations between the two provincial capitals. “

In the province of Castellón a total of almost 52,000 Romanians live today, many of them although they have been born in Spain they learn of their parents the Romanian language and the culture with the help of associations, of the consulate, the Official School of Languages, The Church and the Hispano-Romanian Institute. The latter is immersed in a campaign to make the little ones do not lose their roots or customs with a series of activities related to the most significant festivals and events in our country.