viernes, junio 5, 2020

Castellon, a jewel of three beaches

Castellón de la Plana is a city that is open to the sea. Located on the Mediterranean coast, this place has become a prime tourist destination for those who want to enjoy warm, quiet beaches and good services. This area has three well-communicated beaches, all of them recognized with the Blue Flag for their quality.

The Pinar Beach, well visited by both tourists and locals, is approximately two kilometres long with clean, calm water and fine golden sand. Its name comes from a beautiful pine forest that was there before, now converted into a fully equipped municipal golf club. This urban beach, located very close to the Grao de Castellón and the Planetarium, has become one of the most popular, attractive and valued by visitors.

In addition, the Pinar Beach has a playground for the little ones and a very well conditioned promenade. Those swimmers who prefer it can enjoy nautical sports such as sailing, surfing, kite surfing or scuba diving, among others.

Next, you will find the Gurugú beach, which reaches the mouth of the Seco River. This beach is long and wide and has many services to enjoy the sun and sea with all sorts of comfort. In the sand, you can find various facilities for practising outdoor sports, as well as parks for children to play.

During the summer period, the Gurugú Beach is full of popular bars that remain open until dawn. Still, it is a quiet beach with an average degree of occupancy.

Finally, in Castellón de la Plana is the Serradal beach, which goes from the mouth of the Rio Seco to the boundary with the town of Benicàssim. This beach is different than the others thanks to the existence of a protection zone Dune, where vegetation that coexists with the Kentish Plover has been developed. In 1990, the Dune regeneration Plan was launched, which has resulted in the existence of small, mobile and semi-fixed dunes.

During the months of July and August, on the Serradal beach, the project “Estiu Esportiu” will be on from 18.00 to 21.00, which links sports and health.  Pilates, Fit Tonic, Zumba, Cross Beach, circuit Cardio, Zumba, functional Hiit, Aerobox, Gap activities are scheduled for the adult public… While for children, there are activities designed like Pilates for kids, Mindfulness, and above all, collective, traditional games and sociocultural.

The urban beaches of Castellón de la Plana have more and more visitors who decide to choose this destination to enjoy the Mediterranean climate in beaches equipped and full of leisure.