viernes, febrero 28, 2020

The brand “Coents de Borriana” participates for the first time in Gastrónoma 2016 in Fira de València

The departments of Commerce and Tourism have presented alongside the representatives of the brand “Coents de Borriana” the participation that this weekend will make them able to be in Fira de València. In it, they will show their product for three days in the annual meeting “Gastronomy 2016”. Inma Carda, the Councillor for Commerce, stated that “we can almost say that participation in Gastronomy 2016 is the result of the work of the last months that has made us receive the designation of product of quality CV for” coents ” of our city, and therefore, we are very excited to go to Fira de València to further expand our most typical products that is still unknown for some people. ”

Santi Zori, Councillor for Tourism, who was also one of the initiators of granting the category of quality CV by “coents”, reminded that “in a week there will be a gastronomic festival in our city that will have the “coent” as the main element. This will serve as a basis for the development of all kinds of dishes that will be presented by six restaurants of our city. ”

The four representatives of the different establishments that produce “coents” in the city and who have joined “Coents of Borriana,” have been excited with Gastrónoma 2016. Vicente Vilar, one of their spokesmen, specified that ” Sunday will be the day in which we will make our unique ” show cooking “in Fira de València, and in it we will count with the presence of the professor of public law, political scientist, writer and lover of” coents “, Vicent Franchm, who will talk about the history, the quirks and many more secrets of our product.” Furthermore, Enrique Pons, has made a small review of the history of the “coent” explaining that “precisely this weekend we will be able to know because it is such an special product, where and why it origins in Burriana or what are some of the ingredients that give it that special taste.”

Finally, the last representative of the brand, Joan Manuel Gil, has said that “we’re going to distribute” coents ” during the whole weekend, since we believe that the best way to get to know our product is that the thousands of people who go to the Fira de València try it directly”. The seven establishments that have joined to create the brand “Coents de Borriana” are the butchers Carmen, Manoli, Teresa, the Boutique de la Carn, Cal Picú, Cati and La Cabanenca. They will be in Gastrónoma 2016 during this weekend “with all the excitement of knowing that we are only at the beginning of a path that we hope that in a few years it makes our product known by thousands of people, and therefore that has an impact in the economy of Burriana, in his image and in the knowledge of our city and its culinary excellence “.