sábado, abril 4, 2020

Arenal Sound, a unique musical experience

Arenal Sound is held during 2nd until 7th of August in Burriana and it is one of the most famous festivals that takes place during August. This festival consists on 6 days of music non-stop for everyone who wants to enjoy of a unique musical festival near the beach.

This festival will have different areas in which different concerts will take place, so people can be divided and enjoy of different music and concerts, which is a good thing to avoid people accumulation in the same area. Arenal Sound has 4 differentiated areas which are called: Negrita Stage, Hawkers Main Stage, Inside Stage and Pool Stage and each area has its own schedule as well. For example, Negrita Stage’s concerts take place on Thursday from 6.40pm to 2.45 am and Friday from 6.40 pm to 4.30 am, Saturday from 6.40 pm to 3 am and Sunday from 7.30 pm to 2 am. In Hawkers Main Stage there will be concerts from Thursday to Sunday from 7.30pm-8.30 pm until 6am and in the Inside Stage, concerts will be held from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 pm until early morning. Finally, the Pool Stage will have concerts until 9pm.

During all those days of music, there will also be an electronic party called Clandestinesound which will take place in the Beach Club the 7th of August, so people who want a better musical experience cannot miss that party.
To be able to enjoy of the festival, people must buy a ticket in order to get access to it and enjoy all the facilities and concerts of the festival. For the Arenal Sound there are different tickets available which people can buy depending on their interests. For example, there is a 4-day ticket (without camping) which costs 60€ but if you want to camp there you can opt for a 6-day ticket camping in Malvarrosa (65€) or camping in Arenal (80€). However, if you want to go the vip area inside the festival you have other options which are a 4-day ticket without camping (69€) and then a 6-day ticket with the possibility of camping in Malvarrosa (85€) or in Arenal (100€).

To get to the festival you can go either by bus, car or train and if you decide to go by train renfe is making a 30% discount for Arenal Sound, so it is a good chance for those who want to go there and decide to take the train.