“My amazing experience in Manchester” – by Gemma Lozano

Every single day until you leave you ask yourself something different.

Two and half years ago began my “Mancunian” adventure, It has been an experience full of many good and bad moments but with many more of good times.

When you land there a thousand of questions, problems, papers to do, people with whom you should talk, house to see for rent, language problem cause the accent is completely different… you feel alone and that’s when the tears fall and you want to come back home. Despite of you get your strength from somewhere and remember all that your parents taught you.

I have been very lucky because I did not go alone, I went with my partner in that moment, he was a big support and Mancunian citizens are very nice and kind and they try to help you always.

Manchester has captivated me, it is a big city but also small, full of life and people from many cultures. In it I have found great friends with whom I shared working hours, nights out, meals, Christmas, birthdays and also bad moments, they were as my family there and some of them will be friends for life because the union that you experience with these people when you are an immigrant is bigger than others.

Thanks Manchester and Mancunian citizens for welcoming me and make me feel Mancunian forever.

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