Altea, one of the destinations with best prices for hotels in May

Asturias, Andalusia and Murcia are the communities with the best prices for hotel stays during the weekends of May. The three regions accumulate an average of 71 euros (in the case of Asturias) and 73 euros (in Andalusia and Murcia), per room and night, according to the website, specializing in weekend breaks.

Speaking about cities and municipalities, the tourist towns of Platja d’Aro, Vera, Altea, Estepona and Roquetas de Mar stand out, whose accommodation has been sold with an average price well below 100 euros per night, including also some extra activity . These sun and beach destinations have begun to dawn during the month of May, although their rates remain quite attractive, with respect to the season of July and August. On the other hand, according to the data of the portal, which has analyzed the thematic breaks of more than 2,200 accommodation options on the web, the communities with the prices of the highest hotels are the communities of northern Spain, such as Navarra or Cantabria, along with Catalonia, Aragon and Madrid, whose rates are higher than 100 euros per night for two people. 

This is due, especially to the communities in the north, to the high demand and the lower supply of establishments that have had these areas during the month of May, as reported from Weekendesk through a press release. Due to the great demand for escapes for these dates, the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Toledo have been positioned as nuclei with the prices of the highest hotels for May, whose average exceeds 100 euros per night.

In this situation are also Granada and Seville.

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