jueves, febrero 27, 2020

Almussafes already has new Queen of the Feasts

On Friday 5th of May at 10 pm, the cultural center of Almussafes hosted the public act of the election, which was made by drawing lots. The Court of Honor of 2017 will be composed of three young girls from the locality.
After 10 pm, Maria Gil Soldevilla, representative of the Valencian Association of Illusionism, was named Queen of the Feasts of Almussafes 2017. His Court of Honor will be composed of three local girls: Mar Calatayud, Paula Ferriz and Lucia Girona.
The festivities that will begin on July 1st with the “cena de quintas” and which will last approximately three weeks, having their big days on the 13th and 16th, Saint Bartholomew and the Blessed Cross, patrons of the locality, and who will also have the performance of the musical group DVICIO the “day of the concert” and with a closing “the day of paellas” where the population meets in the main street to enjoy giant paellas made by Galbis, as is usual in this locality.
The Mayor, Toni Gonzalez, and the Feasts Councillor, Andrés López, invite everyone who wants to visit the locality and enjoy the feasts 2017, wich aside from what has been said before will have an schedule full of cultural, sports and social events joined to the musical events named above.