sábado, mayo 30, 2020

Almussafes hosts the final of the Series Games Championship in teams

One more year, the Billiard Club of Almussafes gathers the best national players. Next weekend, the final stage of this season championship will be held. The competition, organized by the Billiard Club of Almussafes, with the support of the Federation of Billiard of Valencia and sponsored by the Royal Spanish Federation of Billiards, will gather a total of 20 players representing the Valencian and Catalan federations. Among the candidates, the home team Almussafes will also participate, which hopes to win again, since last year won the bronze medal in the same national event. Next Saturday 14th, the championship will begin and will be finished by the 15th at 2pm, with the awards ceremony to the winning teams.

Almussafes Billiard Club, founded in 1988, organizes the competition, in which a total of 20 billiard players compete, eleven of them are valencian and nine are catalan. The president of the organizing club, Vicente Arbona, participates in the meeting, along with the rest of the team players from Almussafes, Vicente Garces, Jose Felguera, Emilio Fernandez and Manuel Arbona.